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Coaching and career guidance

Coaching can be used in the context of career guidance or to better equip employees for their current job. We not only look at specific job requirements and the related competencies, but also at this person's potential and ambition and the preconditions for successful development.

Coaching processes

Aviation Medical Center's offer

  • Competency-oriented, so: clear, insightful for all parties and optimal evaluation.
  • Both people- and task-oriented: the trainee works on their personal skills, in the context of the (new) job.
  • Providing excellent after-care.

The effect of

Career guidance

Career guidance has a clear and long-lasting effect when the program is a good representation of the actual situation. The process must fit seamlessly with the work situation, the wishes of the trainee and the wishes of the organization. That is why both the organization and the trainee will play an important role in determining the content of the process. AMC plays an advisory role in this.


Development plan

Based on the results, the employer and employee can prepare a development plan, possibly with the support of a psychologist. In this way, an assessment contributes to the continuous growth and development of your employee, which has a positive effect on commitment to the organization. AMC usually provides coaching at their sites, but the service can also be provided ‘on the job’.


Follow-up care

Sometimes it is desirable to adjust certain skills over time. The coaching process does not end with the last session. The company or the employee is given the opportunity to plan two free follow-up meetings. The follow-up care is part of the process.‎