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Headquarter AMC
Karspeldreef 8
1101 CJ  Amsterdam-ZO

General number:
+31 (0) 85 022 011 8

Appointment office:
0800 - 4 21 21 21


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All inspection locations
from the AMC

Aviation Medical Center is located near several airports in the Netherlands
  • Head office and inspection location Amsterdam

    • Medical examinations
    • Assessments


    Karspeldreef 8
    1101 CJ Amsterdam
  • Inspection center

    • Medical Examinations
    • No assessments

    AMC Rijswijk Office park Hardenburch

    Lange Kleiweg 50a
    2288 GK Rijswijk
  • Inspection center
    Huis ter Heide

    Notice: The branches in Hoofddorp and Huis ter Heide will no longer be operational as of today!

    From January 2, 2024 we would like to welcome you to our Amsterdam branch, where we will continue our combined medical and psychological services. Our team is ready to offer you the same quality service you have come to expect from us.

    Karspeldreef 8 1st floor
    1101CJ Amsterdam
  • Inspection center
    Ostend Airport (B)

    • No medical examinations
    • Assessments

    North Sea Aviation Center (Ostend Airport)

    Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 943
    8400 Ostend