Selection assessment

Examination with the focus on the compatibility between candidate, function and employer. The content of the assessment and the report are tailored to the clients question. The assessment consists:

  • Basic assessment
  • Examination behavioral skills
  • Depending: examination of specific skills and/or the aptitude to flight


  • Head office and inspection location Amsterdam

    • Medical examinations
    • Assessments


    Karspeldreef 8
    1101 CJ Amsterdam
  • Inspection center

    • Medical Examinations
    • No assessments

    AMC Rijswijk Office park Hardenburch

    Lange Kleiweg 50a
    2288 GK Rijswijk
  • Inspection center
    Ostend Airport (B)

    • No medical examinations
    • Assessments

    North Sea Aviation Center (Ostend Airport)

    Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 943
    8400 Ostend