Modules psychological investigations

The psychologists who carry out the investigations all have experience with the assessment of personnel working in aviation, such as pilots (first officers and captains), instructors, crew resource managers, etc. In their method, our psychologists assume that effective functioning is an interaction between personal characteristics (knowledge, skills, intellectual capacities, motivation, standards and values) and environmental characteristics such as the organization and the learning environment. ‎

A psychological examination therefore consists of the following modules:‎‎

  • Level test
  • Capacity test
  • Personality test
  • Assessment and reporting

The assessment of

Level test

Research into job performance issues has shown that a person's skill level plays an important role in this. Having a diploma does not guarantee having the right competencies. This is not a general level measurement, but a level examination specifically tailored to a specific job, in which the tests are selected to examine critical job requirements.

The assessment of

Capacity test

This examination (flight aptitude) is extensive and tests a number of functions that are critical for professional practice. The pilot aptitude test includes an extensive memory test, including, for example, remembering clearances. The examination into one’s ability to perform various tasks is measured at skill-based, rule-based and knowledge-based levels, in accordance with the latest examination results. ‘Situational awareness’, an important element, is also examined.

The assessment of

Personality test

This includes the examination of personality traits and behavioral skills, using various personality questionnaires. The examination also uses assessment center exercises and cases. The next step is an interview based on competencies and criteria.

In closing

Assessment and reporting

The results of the examination are compared with the results of several thousand pilots and are documented in a clear competency-based report. The examinations are conducted by a permanent team of advisors who have experience in the assessment of aviation personnel, such as pilots (first officers and captains) and instructors.